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I'm no stranger to sarcasm, sir.

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Name:Dexter Grif
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Name: Dexter Grif
Canon: Red vs Blue
Which is?: A comedy webseries about a bunch of idiots in a space war
What: One of the aforementioned idiots
[community profile] thelegion Codename: Doubletime
[community profile] thelegion Power: Superhuman Speed
[community profile] thelegion Costume: Helmet + This (he's not even remotely this athletic looking)

The Deal: Grif thought he was a soldier in the Red army, fighting the Blue army. Both of these "armies" were frauds set up by a top secret military project to run simulations using the worst soldiers they could get their hands on. After a zany adventure where he and his fellow rejects (and some ex spec-ops people) brought that crashing down, Grif and his fellows were supposed to be allowed to go home. Instead, their ship crashed on a colony embroiled in civil war and they became heroes by saving it.

Really though, he just wants to chill. Grif is a lazy loudmouth with zero respect for most people. He's harmless, though, and surprisingly easy to get along with if you can get around his abrasive sense of humor and desire to do nothing. If you can't? He is the most hard-headed, stubborn jerkass you've ever met in your life.

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