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Name:Dexter Grif
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Name: Dexter Grif
Canon: Red vs Blue
Which is?: A comedy webseries about a bunch of idiots in a space war
What: One of the aforementioned idiots
[community profile] thelegion Codename: Doubletime
[community profile] thelegion Power: Superhuman Speed
[community profile] thelegion Costume: Link (he's not even remotely this athletic looking)

The Deal: Grif is a soldier in the Red army (as opposed to the Blue army) and has spent the last three years at a base in a box canyon on some godforsaken ass end of the galaxy. He's unreliable, sarcastic, and skims by on the barest amount of effort needed to keep superiors off his back. He's engaged in a bitter pissing contest with the sergeant (who hates him) and is best friends with the other soldier who's been there as long as he has, noted kiss-ass Simmons (who sometimes hates him).
He doesn't know that he's actually been stationed here as part of a simulation because one of the other soldiers in the canyon is a top secret artificial intelligence project in disguise, but this hasn't made much difference in his life (yet).

(I'll happily roll with other canonpoints for memes or w/e, but that's where he is for Legion.)

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